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Ottoman Islamic silver coin pendant

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We have a small hoard of Ottoman coins found near a Viking site in northern Europe, but they are not from the Viking period and are therefore not connected to the Vikings. Each of these coins was found with a hole bored through it, and a small bronze ring through the hole, where it had been sewn into clothing as a decorative and noisemaking accessory.

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These are not Viking artifacts, but were found near a Viking site. They are small silver coins from the Ottoman Empire, probably as recent as the 19th century. These coins, with bronze rings attached, had been fastened to clothing as personal adornments or bling.

We called these coins "Viking bling," but to make sure, we brought the coins on March 16 to the Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore, where renowned Islamic coin authority Stephen Album had an exhibit. Album's experts authenticated all our Islamic Viking coins - except for this small hoard of thin, fine, pierced silver with bronze clothing loops attached.

According to Album, these small coins are worth 1 para in Ottoman currency, minted during the reign of Mahmud II (1808-39).

We bring these coins as part of a small lot, ready to be worn again. Each coin is small and fine (smaller and much thinner than an American dime, similar to an average person's fingernail) still bearing their Turkish script, with a hole and bronze ringlet, as part of a small lot, ready to be worn again. We offer discounts for quantity purchases.

Note: Because we have a small hoard of these coins, customers will not receive the exact coin or coins shown in the pictures. The coins are hand-struck and show varying degrees of wear - some are shiny silver, some are blackened, some even have a bright blue patina. Each coin is unique. Because they are not connected to the Vikings, they do not come with our Viking guarantee, but we do guarantee that they are as we describe them.

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